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Brand: Bionix

Bionix OtoClear Ear Irrigation Tips & Systems help healthcare workers provide safe and comfortable ear irrigation without the backsplash, at half the cost of a self-constructed device.

Problem: Traditional ear irrigation sprays water directly into the ear canal, which can be painful, dangerous and messy.

Solution: OtoClear®Ear Irrigation Tips, with Gentle Touch Design, directs water to the ear canal wall with three divergent streams, instead of directly at the Tympanic Membrane.

Result: A safe, well tolerated, and clean ear irrigation tip at half the cost of other irrigation methods.

Aquabot is a simple, yet effective pressure spray bottle system that attaches the OtoClear Ear Irrigation tips at the end of the device wand creating a continuous and safe spray for ear irrigation procedures. A simple pump and push release motion offers an uninterrupted spray process. Kit includes five (5) tips.


  • Used for a Comfortable and Safe Ear Irrigation Procedure
  • Complete Kit with Irrigation Tips, Ear Basin & OtoClear Aquabot Bottle
  • Eliminates Backsplash w/ its High-Quality Materials
  • Effectively Removes Cerumen without Affecting the Eardrum
  • Promotes Clean, Safe, and Patient-Friendly Procedure

Overview for Bionix 7275 OtoClear Aquabot Ear Irrigation Kit w/ 5pcs. Irrigation Tips

Providing comfort and safety at an affordable price, the Bionix OtoClear Aquabot Ear Irrigation Kit is a reliable system that helps healthcare professionals in administering ear irrigation procedures in and out of the office. This essential kit comes with disposable irrigation tips, an ear basin, and OtoClear Aquabot bottle, which are all designed by Bionix.

High-Quality & Improved Design: This kit has OtoClear Ear Irrigation Tips, which are disposable tips that are greatly modified to improve patient comfort and eliminates backsplash during use. These tips have a flared, 3-hole stream design, directing the fluid towards the ear canal wall, and removing the cerumen without affecting the eardrum. Soft and flexible, these irrigation tips promotes an atraumatic procedure and great comfort for the patient.

Since the irrigation tip is designed to have special exit portals for the liquid waste from the ear canal, potential build-up pressure is greatly eliminated, ensuring the safety of the patient. The waste and excess liquid during the procedure can directly be secured using the lightweight and contoured Bionix OtoClear Ear Irrigation Basin, which is also included in the system.

Innovative & Reliable: This ear irrigation kit features the Otoclear Aquabot Bottle, a 650ml bottle that delivers greater volume and continuous flow of liquid without manually pumping.This has an efficient design that allows two-handed irrigation procedure, doesn’t need electricity to operate, noise-less, and has an adapter wand for the attachment of the irrigation tips. This kit greatly promotes a clean, safe, and patient-friendly ear irrigation procedure.

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