200JP Jodi Pro Professional Hearing Aid Vacuum & Cleaner

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Brand: Jodi-Vac

200JP Jodi Pro Professional Hearing Aid Vacuum and Cleaner:

This small, powerful unit is very quiet and extremely efficient. A professional favorite, Jodi-Pro is great for the office as well as portable- from house calls to retirement homes.

Warranty 3 year warranty unless filter is tampered with.

Warranty is void if damage is incurred through abuse, dropping, or poor packaging on users part should factory servicing be required.

Needles and filters are not included in 3 yr warranty.
Size Box measures 3” X 4” X 2.5” tall.
Pump Vacuum is 22.5 inches of mercury.
Motor This motor carries an industrial rating of 2000 hours of continuous operation. Office use will be much longer.
Electrical All components operate at 12VDC. Power supply is a small desktop Energy Star transformer. It accepts ac voltage from 100-240vac, operating at 50/60Hz converting to 12VDC. Inerchangeable ac cords are available as required.

ISO medical grade clear tube can be removed for general cleaning, disinfecting or replacing.

Three needles specifically designed for hearing instruments and two reamers are included. These needles range in size to efficiently clean large earmolds, ITE, ITC, CIC, RIC, and Thin Tubes.

Blue coiled tube extends to a full length of 900 mm.

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