Rechargeable PerfectDry Lux for ZPower

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Brand: Audinell Hearing Care

ZPower becomes more powerful!

Eliminates humidity risks, Improves charging capacity, Keeps your hearing aids safe!

Developed in collaboration with ZPower

Drying and UV-C adapted for ZPower Charging System. Only approved Dryer for ZPower Charging Systems. Medical Device Class I with temperature controlled circa 30°C. and a positive influence on charging capacity.

The rechargeable PerfectDry Lux is Medical Device designed to accommodate the Zpower’s silver-zinc batteries charger. The rechargeable PerfectDry Lux allows to charge hearing aids batteries and ensure the maintenance by combined dehumidification and ultraviolet functions.

The PerfectDry Lux Rechargeable was designed in partnership with ZPower. It is made to retro-fit any ZPower sytem, past, present and future.

The ZPower charger gets married to the dryer by some installation on inserting the ZPower charging base inside the dryer from the bottom by removing (2) screws, and then inserting the rechargeable base up inside until it clicks into place.

The cable then can be inserted into the dryer also and plugged into the inside of the device to the provided usb port. Replace the cover and install the (2) screws and the product is ready for use.

This will allow patients with these devices to charge, dry, and disinfect their hearing aids all in one shot. The drying cycle will always perform a 1 hr process, along with the 5 minute UV-C disinfection. It will stop this process once complete.

The charging cycle will also be as normal and charge until needed. Once everything has finished its cycles, the device will turn off and shut down, just as they each would do on their own. This product is equipped with led light indicators on the front to show the patient what process is being performed (green for charging and orange for drying).

Video Link on the ZPower Dryer System

Please Note: ZPower charging base sold separately and or provided with your ZPower enabled hearing aids from your hearing aid provider.

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