SC-250-03 Tropical Rain Forest Expansion Sound Card for SC550-05

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Tropical Rain Forest Sound Card

Exotic sounds of the tropics! Insert into your SC550-05 Sound Oasis to enjoy 6 additional sounds!

Sounds Included

  • Tropical Rain - Relax to the soothing sound of a warm rain shower as it pelts large jungle leaves, giant tree ferns and bamboo.
  • Cascading Waterfall - Mask disturbing noises with the natural “while noise" effect of a towering waterfall.
  • Jungle Stream with Birds - Enjoy the peacefulness of a sparkling stream as exotic jungle birds search the adjoining foliage for fruit and insects.
  • Amazon Lagoon - Escape to a secluded lagoon and experience the calming sound of a frog chorus.
  • Coral Reef Surf with Birds - Picture yourself on an isolated beach bordered by coral-laced waters while exotic birds gracefully sail overhead.
  • Tropical Storm - Unwind to the dramatic sound of a powerful storm as wind gusts blow palm tree branches from side to side.

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