Williams Sound Counter Loop Kit

901-PLA CL SYS 1
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Brand: Williams Sound

Counter Loop Kit. This is a complete kit for applications where there is no amplified audio system present. A 12” Nylon Fabric Mat (containing a two-turn loop with resistor) is installed under any non-metal counter, and produces about a 36” x 36” magnetic field for T-Coil equipped hearing aid users.

Applications include: Kiosks, Pharmacies, Bank Teller Windows, Ticket Windows, or any application where close-range hearing assistance (via hearing aid T-Coil) is desired. Can also be used as a portable system for meetings as a chair loop or other creative applications.

System Includes

(1) PLA 240 Loop Amplifier
(1) PLM 001 Power Loop Mat
(1) MIC 027 Directional Microphone

(1) STD 005 Microphone Stand


  • Ideal for counter top hearing assistance applications where hearing aid t-coil can be used
  • Can be used as a chair loop for meetings

The counter loop system is installed underneath a non-metal surface such as a countertop, kiosk or desk. The speaker's voice is picked up by the microphone, amplified by the loop amp and transmitted through the loop mat via magnetic field to the t-coil in the listener's hearing aid.

When used in under-the-counter applications (e.g., a bank teller window) the mat is mounted in the upper front corner of the cabinet, with half of the mat facing up, and half facing forward as shown in the illustration. This generates a uniform field about 36" x 36" around the listener, easily picked up by the hearing aid.


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