Microloop III: Induction Loop System

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Brand: Oval Window Audio

Basic kit for Office, Classrooms, & Meeting rooms.

This complete Kit will accommodate up to 100 running feet of loop wire (or a room approximately 20 x 20 in size, allowing wire for connections).

This should accommodate up to 30 people, and comfortably give amplified sound through the use of their t-coil hearing aids.

Those with out t-coiled hearing aids, can use a receiver with headset or ear piece to enjoy amplified sound. A simple connection to the lapel microphone, or TV/Video gives the listener amplified sound.

The Microloop II kit is complete with Amplifier (with 2 microphone inputs, 1 line input, & 1 line output) Power Adaptor, 1 Clip-On Omni Directional lapel microphone with 10 foot cord, 100 feet of Loop wire with mounting clips, and easy to follow installation instructions.

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