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ALDS Company History

ALDS was founded in 1991 by UBC Professor Emeritus, Dr. Charles Laszlo, a champion of biomedical engineering research, and his University assistant Paul Geyer. Dr. Laszlo with a profound hearing impairment, and a very keen mind, gave ALDS instant credibility throughout Canada and the USA with the invention of the first portable infrared listening system, ideally suited for the hard of hearing.

New related portable products continued to be developed and sold to hard of hearing institutes, schools, universities, and court rooms throughout North America.

Nearing retirement, Dr Laszlo, and Paul Geyer divided the engineering and sales and sold them independently.
Feb. 14th. 2008, Tiger Leasing Ltd. (dba Clear Sound Hearing Products) owned by Don Clegg purchased the ALDS word mark, company assets, suppliers list and account list.

With the acquisition of ALDS and ALDS as a word mark; Tiger Leasing Ltd. began operating under ALDS.
As hearing aid clinics received amplified product marketing material and realized they have more to sell than hearing aids, the new ALDS started to grow and flourish. This also led to increasing the product range to voice amplification products and many other daily living products for the hearing and voice impaired.

Once the Canada foot hold was established ALDS started to look overseas at other opportunities. This has led to ALDS assisting in forming agreements with likeminded people in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa to create distribution of assistive devices in these countries.

January 2013 seen Ted Clegg take full control of ALDS from his father Don and the company’s sole focus has been on ALDS and growing the assistive device products business. Ted has substantial knowledge in the hearing industry and assistive device categories. He holds a RHIP designation in BC and spends time consulting regularly in hearing clinics. Ted also teaches on a contract basis at Douglas College within their Hearing Instrument program. Ted can be booked for training seminars, trade shows and staff training sessions on assistive devices.

For further information on ALDS and what we can offer you and or for training, please contact us on 1.866.845.2537 or [email protected]