Sennheiser ConC 400 Bluetooth speech clarity earbuds

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Brand: Sennheiser

ConC 400 Bluetooth speech clarity earbuds

Maybe you would like portable speech-enhancing earbuds you can pop in when you need them. Use ConC 400 Bluetooth speech clarity earbuds for crystal-clear conversations whenever you decide it’s time.

  • Advanced speech enhancement
  • Active noise cancelation and Ambient Awareness
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use app

Let your conversation take centre stage.

Enhance your conversations with this elegant, wireless hearing solution.

For users who are looking for improvement in conversational hearing ability – just put them in whenever they are needed and take them out when they’re not.

  • Automatic scene detection adjusts speech enhancement settings to match environment
  • Active noise cancellation to block noise and focus
  • Ambient awareness to hear what’s happening in the surroundings
  • Easy set up and personalization via the Conversation Clear app
  • Connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device, including smartphones, laptops, tablets and smart TVs
  • Hear clearer during mobile phone calls with speech enhancement and active noise cancellation
  • 5 hrs battery life
  • 5 Speech Clarity modes with up to 20 dB of amplification
  • Ambient Awareness Mode to hear surroundings
  • Compact, lightweight design with a selection of ear adapters for a personalized fit
  • Connect to any TV via the TV Clear Transmitter 2
  • Connect to any mobile device via Bluetooth
  • Ear-level volume control
  • TV Clear app for personalized adjustments
  • 15h battery life*
  • Charging case holds additional 22h battery life
    • ►Conversation Clear Plus automatically finds the appropriate setting for maximum enhancement when in Communication or streaming mode Analyzes the surrounding and adjust Noise canceller, directional microphone, and volume (ANC blocks out distracting noise)
    • Enhances conversation clarity even in noisy, crowded environments
    • ►Internal classifier measures and determine the best solution Quiet (speech in quiet)
    • Moderate (speech in noise)
    • Loud (speech in Loud noise)

What’s in the box?

Left & right earbuds, charging case, ear adapters in

3 sizes, ear fins in 3 sizes, USB-C charging cable,

quick guide & safety guide

Lightweight earbuds provide high definition sound without interfering with glasses, and with the freedom to walk around, sit back, or lie down.

Sophisticated technology. Competitive advantage.

Benefit from the same type of Automatic Scene detection technology that has been used for many years inhearing aids

Automatic Scene Detection. How it works.

Communication Mode

The classifier constantly monitors the environment and automatically adjusts

the required settings for best speech understanding

  • Quiet: Noise canceller low; Beamformer off= most natural speech
  • Moderate: Noise canceller medium; Static beamformer = zoom to front)
  • Loud: Noise canceller on; Adaptive beamformer = zoom to front & additional cancellation to the loudest source)
  • The automatic adjustments ensure the end user does not need to care about manual adjustment to get the best setting in noise
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