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Smart Dryer Li-Ion Charge | Dry | UV-C

The charging time required for rechargeable hearing aids does not allow, in most cases, to ensure complete and optimal maintenance today, thanks to the Smart Dryer Li-ion, charging and drying become possible!

*Charging base sold separately from manufacturer*

Compatible with: Signia Pure Charge&Go / Miracle-Ear Genius / Rexton Stellar Li

The Smart Dryer was made specifically for Sivantos, as it only first to accommodate their rechargeable base. The devices that can work with our dryer are the Signia Pure Charge&Go; the Rexton Stellar, and MiracleEar Genius. The dryer works similar to the PerfectDry Lux in function.

The rechargeable base (which would be sold separately with the hearing aids) comes with a micro usb cable for use. Simply disconnect the micro usb cable from the rechargeable base, drop the rechargeable base inside the dryer, and it will slide back into a build in micro usb port.

It comes with a beauty ring to cover the gap and to keep the rechargeable base in place. Then plug the micro usb cable into the back of the dryer unit. When ready to use, simply place the hearing aids into the charger as normal, close the lid, and the product will begin its process.

This will allow patients with these devices to charge, dry, and disinfect their hearing aids all in one shot. The drying cycle will always perform a 1 hr process, along with the 5 minute UV-C disinfection. It will stop this process once complete.

The charging cycle will also be as normal and charge until needed. Once everything has finished its cycles, the device will turn off and shut down just as they each would do on their own.

Video Link on the Smart Dryer
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