SafeAwake Fire Alarm System

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The SafeAwake is designed to work in partnership with a properly installed, properly working, traditional smoke alarm. When activated, a smoke alarm sends out a T3 alarm that instantly triggers the SafeAwake.

SafeAwake's smoke alarm aid listens for the smoke alarm emergency sound signal. It then provides a loud, low frequency square wave sound notification and sends a non-continuous signal to the bed shaker. Complete one year warranty.

The SafeAwake is a fire safety device that awakens deaf, hard-of-hearing, and any other individuals to fire emergencies. The device is designed to work in partnership with a properly installed and working smoke alarm to alert sleeping individuals of a fire. Once a smoke alarm is activated, the SafeAwake identifies the alarm and activates a bed shaker, a loud audible alarm, and a visual flashing light to alert a sleeping person who may not be able to hear the smoke alarm to the fire emergency. Sleep peacefully while feeling confident that you will wake up when your smoke alarm is activated. The SafeAwake is made in the U.S.A

• Get vibrating, visual & sound alerts of smoke and fire
• Bed shaker, flashing light & low frequency, hi-dB sound
• Responds to U.S. T3 smoke alarms produced after 1996
• Must be combined with approved T3 smoke alarm
• Simply plugs into outlet (No hard-wiring needed)
• Battery back-up in case of power loss

  • Intermittent bed shaker
  • Low Frequency 520 Hz sounding alarm
  • Flashing white light visual alarm
  • Tested for effectiveness in a sleep laboratory
  • Operational indicator lights
  • Plug-in power supply with battery backup
  • Large test button
  • Fast sound reception for smoke alarms with T3 pattern
  • UL 217 and UL 1971 approval
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